Ryan ”Harry Houdini” Monson

On October 4th 2005, Houdini did suicide ~ you may not know who he is but I hope you feel for him.


Ryan was a great guy, he was an extremely good helper, and he was one of my favorite yoyoers for a very long

time.   His most famous created trick is 'Letter Z', a variation of 'Letter A'.  It is a extremely cool trick ~ if

you ask a experienced player he will probably say, “That trick is so freaking awesome!”.  When you go to bed

tonight please pray that he gets to heaven. (If you pray at all).

Jonathan“Tacoboy” Feldman  +_+


Metahune (Recessed)

This recessed Menehune is a tiny yoyo produced by Buzz-On Industries, which has weight rings in the sides, even though it is pretty light, and uses a small,recessed SPR.  It is an extremely coolyoyo ~ it is probably more “fun” than it has “performance”.  Though it is an extremely good yoyo, I thinkit is a little overpriced.  Probably the only bad thing is the weight rings occasionally fall off, but you can glue them back on.

If you want to buy one, go to


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